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The Music Blog 42 has come to an end.

I want to thank everyone for their support over the last two years, especially the ones who helped me kickstart the idea and help it grow into what it is today.
Who knows, it may come back one day… but if I really wanted to carry on doing it I’d want to be committed to it 100% which unfortunately at the moment I am not.

When I first started doing this I’d never thought I’d get so much support for it, and it’s all down to you guys whether you’re a general local music fan, promoter, band manager, band, artist or whatever.

I’ve decided to carry on putting on gigs around Bury St Edmunds and hopefully further afield next year. Our next show is Saturday 25th January at The Hunter Club, the lineup and new promotions name will be announced very shortly!
If you are interested in playing a night in 2020 then please message any of the Blog’s socials (they’ll still be active)