The Brighton-based rockers Royal Blood have burst back onto the music scene with their phenomenal sophomore record How Did We Get So Dark?

Building on the success of one of 2014’s biggest releases, their debut self-titled record, they produce a sophomore record which is not only reminiscent of their debut, but sees them hone their sound and truly crown themselves kings of the British rock scene.

If you really want pulsating guitar riffs and mind-blowing drum solos, then this is the record you truly need in your life. Mike Kerr (vocals, bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums) have really turned it up a notch in terms of composition and production, notably on the track Sleep, to really give layers to tracks which were lacking in their debut record. It’s still hard to remember, even to the most hardcore fan, that the band is only made up of only two members with the sound they can create.

Tracks like Lights Out and Where Are You Now?  sound ready-made for the arenas and headline festival slots that they are destined to play for years to come, with rampant, slick instrumentals which really follow through in other tracks like I Only Lie When I Love You.

At 34 minutes long, How Did We Get So Dark? is a triumphant record which has played against the ‘difficult second album’ cliché. Sounding like Queens of the Stone Age mashed up with Muse, which can only be a good thing, it can only get better for the Brighton rockers who seem destined for more success.

Best Track(s): How Did We Get So Dark?, Lights Out, Look Like You Know
Worst Track(s): Don’t Tell

Listen to: I Only Lie When I Love You – one of their heaviest tracks to date.






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