This week, The Killers and Queens of the Stone Age released their comeback singles after a few years away. Macklemore revealed his first single without Ryan Lewis, and Wolf Alice and Everything Everything delighted their fans with their first glimpse at their new music. Not forgetting the future chart hits released by George Ezra and DJ Khaled, the new Imagine Dragons single and the funky track by breakthrough band Fickle Friends.

The Killers – The Man
First impressions of this track lead me more towards their latter record releases circa Battle Born rather than the classic Hot Fuss and Sam’s Town. It’s a shame that the band will never go back to their roots and bring out their stadium singalongs what made The Killers loved across the globe. I do like this track, however, it’s a disappointment that every time that they bring out a song, it’s always going to be compared to Mr Brightside or When We Were Young because The Killers are so much better than that and deserve all the success that they can get. 6/10

Queens of the Stone Age – The Way We Used To
Queens of the Stone Age are back with an almighty bang with this fantastic new single. But what did everyone think with Josh Homme in the driving seat? After time away with Iggy Pop’s supergroup, the group reformed with incredible success with this critically acclaimed single all about you-know-what. I admit that I haven’t always been the biggest QOTSA fan or even Josh Homme’s biggest fan, but this new single has really got me excited about their new record, which is being released in around a few months time. 9/10

Imagine Dragons

Macklemore (ft. Skylar Grey) – Glorious
In a surprising move, Macklemore has thankfully released a song without producer Ryan Lewis. It feels like a long time coming, especially after the disaster what was their second record together This Unruly Mess I Made, although I do hope they can collaborate again once they have had time apart. This track is really really good, however, which is somewhat surprising considering Macklemore tracks usually come served with a great amount of cheese. Glorious could easily slot into his first commercial release The Heist which ultimately shows that he’s going in the right direction, making his next record hotly anticipated. 8/10

Wolf Alice – Yuk Foo
Everyone’s favourite indie-grunge group is back with their storming new track Yuk Foo, which sees the band go down a slightly different avenue to their debut My Love Is Cool. This track had its first radio play on the intolerable Annie Mac’s Hottest Record Show on Radio 1, where lead singer Ellie Rowsell stated that their fans had “better get ready for the moshpit”. And too right. This track is huge. The screeching vocals, the rampant drums will definitely make this a crowd favourite when the band tour their second album in November. 7/10

Everything Everything – Can’t Do
Can’t Do is the lead track from Everything Everything’s fourth record, dropping in August. Coming off the back of their best record to date Get To Heaven, I have high hopes that their next EP will be even better. However, I expected so much more from this track,  especially comparing it to the lead single Distant Past from the last record, what was their best track to date.  Can’t Do seems like one of the album filler tracks on their new record, and doesn’t really strike me as a lead single. It has its good parts, although it does seem very weak, leaving much more to be desired. 6/10

Wolf Alice

George Ezra – Don’t Matter Now
Revolving around Ezra’s anxiety and dealing with his fame after his breakthrough single Budapest in 2014, Don’t Matter Now is a very catchy pop song which will inevitably rise up the charts like the singles from his debut record Wanted On Voyage. His distinct gravelly vocals, which we are all accustomed to now, really shine through on this track, complimenting the jazzy instrumentals. With this track, it’s more about himself standing out from the crowd, and to stop the comparisons to the more mainstream solo artists like Ed Sheeran.  And with this track, he has certainly done that. His second record’s Budapest. 8/10

DJ Khaled, Rhianna and Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts
And another one. Another huge chart hit from one of the best producers in the world, and off the back of his last hit I’m The One, he’s got an all-star ensemble to go with it. Although it hasn’t truly got the ‘smash hit factor’ that his last release did, it’s definitely a more rounded track with a smooth instrumental packed with more subdued electric guitar riffs throughout. Rhianna’s contributions to this song are controlled and sweet, the same could be said for Tiller’s too, which makes this a lot more different to DJ Khaled’s previous releases, meaning it stands out even more against a saturated dance-pop market. 7/10

george ezra.pngGeorge Ezra

Imagine Dragons – Walking The Wire
In preparation for their new record release this coming Friday, Imagine Dragons have definitely saved their best single till last with the triumphant Walking The Wire. This track has definitely surprised me, considering the last few songs off the upcoming record are so flat and disappointing. Walking The Wire is definitely an ode to their first record Night Visions, with elements of Demons and Bleeding Out, shining through to showcase the band’s talents of writing anthemic pop songs. Imagine Dragons are really back to their best. 9/10

Fickle Friends – Glue
Glue is the title track of the group’s upcoming EP, and it’s insanely infectious and catchy with it’s 80’s vibes shining through. Great songwriting combined with funky electronic instrumentals gives impressions that they are heavily influenced by the likes of The 1975. The group have high expectations and have been labelled as one of the brightest bands the UK has, and it’s obvious why with tracks like this and earlier track Swim. Big things to come. 7/10

My Track of the Week: Imagine Dragons – Walking The Wire



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