The best Oasis and Britpop record ever produced. It seems odd me saying this with other great records like The Verve’s Urban Hymns, The Stones Roses’ self-titled debut and Pulp’s Common People, Blur’s Parklife (you get the idea, the 90’s was HUGE for British indie pop music) being released in the early 1990’s. But it is. Rip-roaring from start to finish, most definitely the Gallagher brothers at their best.

“a bold statement of intent from the group”

It’s quite striking that a lesser-known band from the suburbs of Manchester could produce a record of such quality that is still so revered today. It’s nearly 30 years since the record was released in 1994. And the songs are still so so relevant today, with Live Forever, almost everyone’s favourite Oasis song, being dedicated to the victims of the 2017 Manchester terror attack for its reflective and powerful lyrics.

Comparing the record to other releases from the past few years shows the state of British guitar music right now that songs by Oasis are still hugely in the public eye and are regularly played on the radio. You just have to listen to the rip-roaring guitars and drums throughout this masterpiece to understand why this is. Though you can tell that many current bands are inspired by Oasis… Kasabian and Arctic Monkeys spring to mind instantly.

Opening their debut record with Rock ‘n’ Roll Star, singing about sex and money was a bold statement of intent from the group, which ultimately proved in the band’s favour. This track set the pace of the record, a high-octane thrill ride which showcased the incredible songwriting capabilities from Noel Gallagher in tracks like Cigarettes & Alcohol and Supersonic (which without a doubt is my favourite Oasis Song), which shows why he’s one of the UK’s best songwriters.

oasis_2873152b.jpg“one of the most era-defining records ever made..,”

Not only do the major singles like Slide Away instantly stand out, but album tracks like Digsy’s Dinner and Up In The Sky brings  a great blend of clever lyrics and exceptional production which gives the record its sense of identity and crediblility.

Definitely Maybe almost always hits the top of every music magazine’s Top 50 albums feature, and it would more than likely be at the top of my list too. But there’s a reason behind it, this is most definitely one of the most era-defining records ever made. It’s just a shame that they will never ever reform. Then again, with the 25th anniversary since their debut looming, could we see a reunion? Definitely Maybe.

Best tracks: Rock’n’Roll Star, Up In The Sky, Supersonic, Cigarettes & Alcohol, Digsy’s Dinner, Slide Away.

Listen to: Live Forever – the ultimate indie sing-a-long, Noel’s best ever song.

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