This week’s Top Tracks consists of the latest release from breakthrough act RAT BOY, the ‘song of the summer’ from Parcels, a return from Kodaline, another dancehall anthem from Drake, and new tracks from Haim and Fall Out Boy.

A new track from RAT BOY could either lead to a good or bad review. And I can tell you, it’s a great track. Off of his incoming record SCUM, it has the indie vibes of The Kooks with the lyrical delivery of Jamie T. I must admit I’m not his biggest fan, but he is definitely starting to build up a great collection of songs, like the FIFA 17-feature Get Over It, and his breakthrough track Sign On. RAT BOY is one of the most promising acts in the UK, and from this song, you can see why, and off the back of this track, I’m expecting big things from SCUM. 9/10

Parcels – Overnight
Produced by dance music heavyweights Daft Punk comes the new song from Parcels, Overnight. You can tell easily from the opening ten seconds that this is going to be a huge summer hit, especially with Daft Punk at the helm. Although this is a good track, I feel that Parcels will be the new ‘one-hit-wonder’ in the UK charts, however, I don’t want to detract away from what is a great pop song. On the first listen, it sounded so much like a Daft Punk track taken from their latest release Random Access Memories, which can only really be a good thing. 7/10


Kodaline – Brother
The Irish soft-rockers Kodaline are back with their new track Brother, off of their upcoming third record. The track is something you’d expect from Kodaline’s first record In A Perfect WorldBrother has a very nostalgic, slow-dance feel to it, which is something you will always get from Kodaline, who haven’t really progressed since their breakout in 2013 although they do have some great songs. It will be interesting to see what they have been working on when their latest record gets released. 6/10

Drake – Signs
I long for the day that Drake releases a rap song. Not another dancehall track. Another boring soulless dancehall track that KISS FM will snap up and make a million remixes of for their teen demographic. This song is quite frankly terrible. It is such a shame that he won’t release another rap album like Take Care again because of the fanbase he has attracted from the equally as terrible One Dance. 3/10


HAIM – Little Of Your Love
The HAIM sisters are back with another track from their upcoming 7th July record Something To Tell You. It’s another groovy indie-dance track which has elements from their first record Days Are Gone. Compared to their last two tracks which are off their new record, I’d say this is possibly the strongest. Lyrically, it’s one of their best songs, and the production is always so so good. Let’s just hope Something To Tell You hasn’t contracted ‘second album syndrome’. 8/10

Fall Out Boy – Champion
This is probably the only time you’ll hear me say “Wow, that new Fall Out Boy single is pretty good. Because it is. Only now are Fall Out Boy becoming so much more appreciated on the music scene with their anthemic pop-rock with their sound becoming so much more similar to bands like Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots. Coming to a sports montage scene on BBC1 after the latest football tournament, this truly is a whopper of a song, with no doubt a new record to follow. 7/10.


My Track of the Week: RAT BOY – LAIDBACK


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