YouTube sensation K.S.I (formerly KSIOlajideBT) is back with his new expletive-laden rap EP Space.

Long story short, this is very very poor. Like very poor. No disrespect to K.S.I himself, but it would honestly be so great if he just stuck to his YouTube videos about FIFA and other games. Instead, based on the somewhat moderate success of his last EPs Jump Around, and his kind of decent Keep Up, he’s decided to come back with this.

Released on the same day as JAY Z’s 4:44Space isn’t the kind of record you would put on when you are really really bored and have no motivation for anything… Because your mood wouldn’t change. I can honestly say, apart from one track, that this whole EP is trash.

The one track that I mentioned previously is the album closer Transforming, which is actually a decent track. It sticks out like a sore thumb, mind. The rest of the record is overproduced trash which you’ll be hearing around town centres at 9pm at night from people driving in Subarus and pimped-out Vauxhall Corsa’s, considering the amount of unnecessary bass there is throughout.

I find it quite perplexing that K.S.I has filled Space with a barrel-load of expletives, considering the majority of his fanbase are 10 years olds. The song Leave Me Alone‘s lyrics clearly show this as apparently he’ll be “fucking your girl at your mumma’s house.” Watch out guys, 2011 KSI is back!

ksi-net-worth.jpgThis is exactly the face I made when listening to this EP.

His ‘comeback’ track Creature is a very average rap song. The production stands out, mainly for how bad it is, but I could probably just about tolerate it if it was played if I was out. Though, I’m guessing that North Korea will start using this EP as a torture device in the near future.

Throughout the record, a distorted voice of K.S.I plays. I’m interpreting it to be his inner self, or just himself thinking his thoughts out loud. When listening to Space, I had these thoughts too… They went something like: “TURN THIS OFF AND LISTEN TO SOME GOOD MUSIC!!”

Space is a very poor rap record, with only one really standout track throughout. I didn’t have big expectations coming into this, and after listening, it was very poor and it made me need to clean my ears out. Transforming is a decent track, but the rest of this record needs to be put in the bin. And while you’re at it, put K.S.I and his credibility as a YouTuber in there too.


Best Track: Transforming
Worst Tracks: Tommy’s Gun, Leave Me Alone, 64 Impala


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