Top Tracks of the Week – 3rd July

There was a whole host of new tracks released this week. Rudimental, accompanied by James Arthur, released their comeback single, along with St Vincent. Bugzy Malone released his new track off his upcoming record as well as Liam Gallagher, Arcade Fire and Clean Bandit. New tracks from The National and the bonkers   Tyler, The Creator too.

Rudimental ft. James Arthur – Sun Comes Up
Coming back from a well-deserved break after touring their second record We The Generation, Rudimental are well and truly back on the drum and bass scene with this summer anthem Sun Comes Up. The track has a marimba beat running through it, drawing inspiration from Ed Sheeran and Sia, which gives the track more radio appeal. James Arthur’s vocals are always outstanding and on this track, there is no exception. There is no doubt that he is one of the best UK solo artists out there. Himself and Rudimental have proved that they are the best at what they do. 9/10.

St Vincent – New York
Pop rocker St Vincent made a surprise comeback this week with this great track. A very downbeat, atmospheric track, which is something that is almost synonymous with some of St Vincent’s earlier work which is why her previous records have been so critically acclaimed. A real artist to look out for for the rest of 2017, with her upcoming record promising to be as better as her last. 7/10

Tyler+The+Creator+looking+hot+in+a+hat+and+a+white+tee+shirt.jpgTyler, the Creator

Liam Gallager – Chinatown
A track which is miles apart from Wall of Glass but in my opinion is just as good. This track I feel really shows off Gallagher’s nasal vocals, with the production and instrumentals as good as they were when he was a part of Oasis. Chinatown is very different to anything he has made before, which makes his debut record As You Were so much more intriguing than it was when his first track was released. 8/10

Bugzy Malone – Bruce Wayne
I must admit I haven’t really listened to Bugzy’s music, especially as I tend to listen to the more mainstream grime artists. However, this song has definitely changed my opinion of him and I’m at a loss as to why he isn’t as revered by the media as artists Skepta and Stormzy are. This is a classic grime track, which is definitely one of the best of the year, however, his record has a lot to live up to if it’s going to be better than J HUS or Stormzy’s releases earlier in the year. 7/10

Mura Masa ft. Christine and the Queens – Second 2 None
Second 2 None, off of Mura Masa’s upcoming debut, is a very different track to what he has released before however, this is most definitely one of his best.Though it remains to be seen if it’s because of Mura Masa or it’s because of the addition of one of the best newcomers of the past few years: Christine and the Queens. Her hesitant, soft vocals really compliment the dancehall instrumental which really brings the track together. A great display of both artists talents. 8/10

Arcade Fire – Signs of Life
Almost similar to their comeback track Everything NowSigns of Life is another 80s disco infused track which is sure to get heads bopping. Win Butler’s instantly recognisable vocals suit the instrumentals on this track, better than most tracks he has released in the past, although it’s hard to think if the upcoming record will be better than their debut Read to Start. I’m liking the new change of direction from the group, though I’m worried that it could be very samey, especially with Daft Punk as producers. 7/10

Liam-GallagherLiam Gallagher

Clean Bandit ft. Marina and the Diamonds – Disconnect.
This track is actually pretty good. Which saddens me, as I absolutely despise Clean Bandit. Having gone from making electronic-classic music on their debut record New Eyes which was different to anything ever made before, they now like to make generic radio trash. See Rockabye and Symphony. Though this track could be labelled as that, I really like this track as the strings really hone the song and makes it stand out from any dance song currently in the charts. 8.5/10

The National – Guilty Party
After their extraordinary set at Glastonbury last weekend, The National have released this equally as extraordinary track Guilty Party. Absolutely superb. They are most definitely a band that are getting better and better with every record, leaving their upcoming record Sleep Well Beast so so hotly anticipated. What I love about this track is how chilled out it is, even if it is an indie rock song. This is such a unique track, from such a unique group. 10/10.

Tyler, the Creator – Who Dat Boy
I admit I’m not a big fan of this song. I feel that the intro is way too long for someone like Tyler, it does get a bit boring. I like his verses, and the very bassy production which is just classic Tyler. The video is so special, very gory but once again, is classic Tyler. He has definitely produced a track to stand out against a very poor current rap scene. 7/10.

Tyler, the Creator – 911/Mr Lonely
Not only did he treat us with one track, in true Ed Sheeran style, he released two new tracks on the same day. I feel this is the better track of the two. On first listen this track could have been straight from the new Calvin Harris record with its 80s production which is somewhat very popular in 2017 music. The track also has a Frank Ocean kind of feel to it, which makes it even better. I honestly can’t wait for more music from Tyler, as I feel eventually he could be top of the rap game. 8/10.

My Top Track of the Week: The National – Guilty Party


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