A rather quiet week for new music, but some great tracks have been released none-the-less. Arcade Fire released a new track off of their forthcoming record, as has Tyler, the Creator. Lana Del Rey has teamed up with A$AP Rocky and Playboy Carti for her new track, with The Sherlocks re-recording one of their breakout songs. The Script are back with a new track, and Chase and Status collaborate with Emeli Sande for the first time.

Arcade Fire – Electric Blue
Electric Blue is definitely a downgrade to tracks that they have released off of their forthcoming record Everything Now, especially comparing it to the likes of Creature Comfort and the aforementioned title track. One positive of the track is most definitely the falsetto vocals that Winn Butler performs, something that is different to any other Arcade Fire track released before. The track further highlights the new direction that the band are going down, however, I feel this is definitely an ‘album filler’. 6/10.

Tyler, the Creator – Boredom
With his new record Fuck Scum Flower Boy being released this coming Friday, Tyler has teased us with another track Boredom. What a great track. Boredom is a mellow rap track, which is something different to what he has produced in the past. We see a very different side to Tyler’s character in this track which makes Fuck Scum Flower Boy even more anticipated. He truly is one of the most promising names in modern rap. 9/10.

Lana Del Rey (featuring A$AP Rocky and Playboy Carti) – Summer Bummer
Another artist releasing a record on Friday, Lana Del Rey is back with another track. Summer Bummer is a decent track. But it’s nothing more than that. Del Rey’s moany vocals are prevalent throughout but it’s starting to become a bit mundane, especially over the ever-present piano instrumental. When the hip hop-like beats kick in, the track does perk up a lot, with A$AP Rocky’s verse really standing out in what is a rather generic track. 7/10.

The Sherlocks – Live For The Moment
A re-recorded track for their debut record of the same name, The Sherlocks once again prove they are going to be the next big thing on the indie music scene. Drawing comparisons with fellow Sheffielders Arctic Monkeys, it is quite clear with their insanely catchy lyrics and electrifying riffs. The track is definitely one of the best they have released so far, and it makes their new record even more exciting to build up to if this song has anything to go by. 9/10.

The Script – Rain
A surprise comeback from Irish pop-rockers The Script brought huge expectations from their loyal fanbase, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. With elements of their previous music still being retained, they have infused their old sound with more current elements. Most notably, the marimba-like instrumental that runs through most of the track is almost identical to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Sia’s over-use of it. It will be interesting to see what the group produces on their next record, especially with their last record being just slightly underwhelming. 8/10.

Chase & Status and Emeli Sande – Love Me More
Chase & Status are most definitely the best dance act out on the UK music scene at the moment, and they’ve proved it with this absolutely massive track with Emeli Sande. The track has elements of Sande’s older work, most notably Heaven and Daddy, which makes the track even more likeable and instantly recognisable as a Sande track as well as a Chase & Status track. A fantastic track that will hopefully follow suit with their upcoming record. 9.5/10.

Top Track of the Week:

Chase & Status and Emeli Sande – Love Me More



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