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Suburban Minds: I’ll Exist Again When I Wake Up EP review

I’ll Exist Again When I Wake Up is the debut EP from Bury St Edmunds-based indie rockers Suburban Minds.

Having formed the group in 2015 after meeting at college, the band went on to win the town’s BurySound competition the following year and released several songs after their triumph, most notably the track I Wanna Feel, a classic indie singalong track with a fantastic chorus to boot.

The EP opens up with the electrifying White Things, which is without a doubt the best track on the EP. The band have clearly taken inspiration from some of the biggest names from the indie world, with their rip-roaring guitar melodies influenced by Antidotes-era Foals, and their anthemic choruses which have a hint of Kings of Leon’s more current music about it. This is most definitely one of my tracks of the year.

The vocal delivery on all tracks has a cocky swagger about it, making the tracks easily memorable and catchy, most prevalent in the track Addicted To A Daydream, like every track on the EP, is intelligently written highlighting the band’s great talents even more so.

The track Real Fears is a slow-building track, building up to a climaxing ending which was made for the mosh pits. A key feature of the track is most definitely the guitar riffs throughout, which complements the laid back vocals.

Little Miss Modest shows the band’s intelligence in crafting memorable tracks, you’d think Suburban Minds had been around for years after listening to this. A mammoth 26minutes 12 seconds long, the track opens with instantly memorable guitar riffs, though the whole instrumental on this track is insanely good. The hidden untitled-as-of-yet track at the end of Little Miss Modest is a sultry, guitar-led ballad which is so emotionally raw that it’s so perfect to round off such an energetic EP with it.

I’ll Exist When I Wake Up is an incredible debut from the band, who already have vast experience in performing and making such great tracks. Although the future looks uncertain with other commitments,  this EP proves that they are well on their way to big things. A real pleaser.


Best Tracks: White Things, Addicted to a Daydream

Suburban Minds are playing The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds this Saturday (22nd July). 7pm-11pm. Support from The Getaway, Mandeville and Sun Scream. Entry is only £5! 

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