Canadian indie rockers Arcade Fire are back with their disco-infused fifth record Everything Now, a change in direction from their previous work.

The record opens with the anthemic title track Everything Now, a great track which signals the change of direction from drooling indie rock to dizzying electro-pop. This track was definitelty made for the dancefloor, with its ABBA-style piano riff rising throughout one of the tracks of the year. The same could be said for the following tracks Signs of Life and Creature Comfort, two of the best tracks on the record, tackling the issues the youth of today have.

The record has a clear sound to it throughout, something I really look for in a great record, evident in tracks like Chemistry and Good God Damn, abrupt instrumentation with Winn Butler’s trademark vocal delivery makes this record even more memorable.

The stand out track for me however is You Don’t Deserve Love. This track is beautifully written, both lyrically and instrumentally, about a couple’s failing relationship. A sombre song, but so so great.

Everything Now overall is a great record. Admittedly it isn’t like any of their previous records, though it does stand out with the incredible tracks like Creature Comfort and You Don’t Deserve Love. Arcade Fire are truly one of the best acts in the world right now.


Best Tracks: Everything Now, Creature Comfort, You Don’t Deserve Love


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