Huckleberry Harrison’s debut What The Huck? is without a doubt one of the best projects to have come out of the Bury St Edmunds music scene in years.

Opening with the mellow Sheets Are White sets the precedent to what on the whole is a very solid debut from an upcoming star.

There are some very great tracks on What The Huck?the track Yesterday oozes with the chilled swagger of Mac DeMarco and Boyz, a rousing-turned-slow ballad which is without a doubt his best song to date. Not to forget Not That Kinda Girl, so so good.

What makes this an even better record is the hybrid of various genres which flows throughout, especially in the song Peter, a song which could be classed as an alternative-indie-folk-country-pop banger. It makes the record so much more appealing to hear new sounds, showing off Harrison’s talents at producing top quality tracks.

The 31-minute long record is full of fun, especially the tongue-in-cheek Public Exposure, a track I have been looking forward to hearing ever since seeing the live performance of it for the SLTLS. Hearing it on the record makes me love it even more.

Weighing it up, What The Huck? is a very strong debut from a very talented musician. Some great tracks supplemented with clever songwriting and the vast infusion of genres makes this debut record a really unique piece of work.

Best Tracks: Sheets Are White, Boyz, Not That Kinda Girl, Public Exposure

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What The Huck? is out NOW on all major streaming platforms, and available to purchase on iTunes!


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