Everything Everything: A Fever Dream review

Everything Everything’s fourth record A Fever Dream proves that they are a band at the top of their game.

Having released some incredible records in the past, the last Get To Heaven is one of my favourites of all time, A Fever Dream has come at a stage where they are at their most effective creatively.

Personally for me, there are no bad tracks on this record. A highlight for me is the record opener Night Of The Long Knives, an infectious track which is almost similar to another highlight in Desire.

Frontman Jon Higgs’ creative process led him to more accessible lyrics and relatable tracks, see Desire for a lecture on instant gratification, Big Game primarily about everyone’s favourite US president, and Ivory Tower based around racism and liberalism.

Their creativity has led them to be able to play around with their style, infusing electroncia and indie-rock with huge success in tracks like the pulsating Can’t Do and the smooth Put Me Together.

Though the band at their best is evidently shown in the titular track A Fever Dream, a       5 minute 59 second masterpiece, a huge atmospheric track which deserves every success that it is bound to get.

Everything Everything are a band at the top of their game. Having gained exceptional critical acclaim for previous work, A Fever Dream is no different. An incredible record.

Best Tracks: Night of the Long Knives, Desire, A Fever Dream, Ivory Tower



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