Liam Gallagher: As You Were review

Liam Gallagher, the Mancunian cockwomble who everyone either loves or loathes, has finally released his much-anticipated debut record As You Were.

As You Were is a brilliant album. Gallagher has roped in some of the biggest songwriting talents from around the globe, notably Greg Kurstein (writer for Adele and Katy Perry), to make sure his comeback isn’t as bad as his last outing, frontman of the group Beady Eye.

Song-wise, there are some really good songs on it. Obviously the outstanding Wall of Glass, and groover Greedy Soul are high points, but the downbeat Paper Crown really steals the show in the first few songs on As You Were.

For What It’s Worth really shines through, and is the best track on the record, and is arguably the best track released if you were to compare this track to his brother Noel’s solo material.

Complimenting the more heavier and upbeat number, Gallagher shows a more gentle side in the low-key tracks Chinatown and I’ve All I Need. These tracks are definitely needed, and it 100% makes the record better.

As You Were isn’t exactly a classic. But the signs are there to prove that Liam Gallagher has still got it. There are some great tracks on the record, but as ever, it will always sound like Oasis.

Best Tracks: Wall of Glass, Paper Crown, For What It’s Worth


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