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Track Review: Tundra – Swimming Shorts

One of the Bury St Edmunds music scene’s most exciting bands get set to release their EP Life’s A Beach on April 27th and the first single from it comes in the form of Swimming Shorts and it is quite frankly a tune of the highest quality.

Getting straight to it, if this track is an indicator of the overall quality we’ll be getting across the whole EP then its gonna be without a doubt one of the stand out releases this year.

The intro to the song consists of clean guitar lines, a laid back and groovy drum beat and spacey vocal melodies that give off a real anthemic and sing-along vibe. This opening section see’s the band construct a perfect precursor to the whole song as what follows is a pause from the band, a four count and then the pacy and punchy verse kicks right in. The vocal melodies continue throughout the verse as the whole band swing their way through top class chord progression right before they break things down and go back to the clean guitar work and drum beat of the intro.

This time the intro is used again but as a build up to the last part of the song as the guitar and drum work gather more and more energy throughout this part. On top of that there’s an awesome vocal trade off between the bands two vocalists that really showcases superbly the qualities of both their voices. Once they reach the end of this part the band release an almighty crescendo as the chord progressions are backed by a heavily distorted guitar, some highly energetic drumming and superb bass playing. A world class way to finish a world class track.

Every band member is putting in performances of the highest level here and when those performances join forces, you get something truly special and something truly special is exactly what Swimming Shorts is!

If you’re somehow not already extremely excited about Tundra’s forthcoming EP then this track is certainly gonna change that for the better.


Review by Joel Richardson


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