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Track Review: The Catch – Sort It Out

In what is their second track release of 2018, The Catch prove why they are one of the most talked about bands in Bury St Edmunds with Sort It Out.

Sort It Out is slightly different to the track that they released in February, in the sense that Tie Dye was a huge indie rock banger, but the former has it’s own merits and shows the band’s versatility at writing great tracks in whatever style.

On first listen, you get a feel of their Bring Me The Horizon and Lower Than Atlantis influences with the hard guitar riffs which roam throughout the track, as well as the shared vocals of drummer Adam Levey and guitarist Eddie Allen giving the track a rougher edge to previous tracks that they’ve released before.

The Catch are playing various live dates over the coming months with shows at The Hunter Club, Cambridge Junction and Conservatoire East @ West Suffolk College. All the information is on their Facebook page, go check them out. They are a band you need to see live.

Sort It Out is a welcome addition to The Catch’s rapidly growing discography and with the band still relatively new to the scene in Bury St Edmunds, they are without a doubt a trio to keep an eye out for.

NOW LISTEN TO: 03. EP – their debut EP is their best work to date!

Sort It Out was released Friday 20th April on all major streaming platforms. 

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