Everyone’s favourite industrial rock duo TheState are back with an almighty bang with The Resistance.

Having released the triumphant Ministry of Truth a year ago today (1st May), the duo are back with The Resistance, a five-minute long heart-racing masterpiece which explores themes of political complacency and ignorance.

TheState have also produced a music video to accompany the track, a spine-tingling epic in the form of a ‘found-footage’ horror film. The track’s roaring guitar riffs from Will Goodey and vocalist Andy Guy’s trademark powerful vocals makes The Resistance an intense listening and visual experience.

With Goodey having only joined the band less than a year ago, this was the first time that he has been involved in the writing process for a track. A new album, co-written by the band, is being mooted for release at the end of the year so keep an eye out for details on their social media accounts!

Watch the new music video for The Resistance by clicking here!


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