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EP Review: False Hearts – Dirty Little Soul

Dirty Little Soul, the brand new EP Cambridgeshire rock band False Hearts, showcases their modern rock sensibilities and their harrowing melodic instrumentals.

With the EP only being the standard four tracks long, the female-fronted band have packed every punch into each track that are bursting to the seams with powerful riffs, tearing vocals and gritty instrumentals. Any fan of rock music will instantly love False Hearts.

Recently the band have played with many upcoming bands including Cambridge counterparts Hollowstar who themselves have had a phenomenal past few years, with the two bands flying the flag for the currently thriving Cambridge rock scene.

Not only do the tracks have such powerful, ear-catching instrumentals, they also have a deep meaning to them with the EP centered around “the murky waters of a troubled psych”, which is brought to the forefront of tracks like Break and Addicted To Pain.

The real highlight of the EP is Cynical Love, the band’s most recognisable track. The track’s juxtaposing chorus is not only awesome, but insanely catchy. A brilliant track to close a provokingly satisfying EP.

False Hearts are on the rise, and with gigs coming up around the region, the band are only going to get better from here on in. One of the best rock EP’s of 2018.

Listen to False Hearts on Soundcloud below!

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