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Track Review: Rubber Jaw – Freaking Out

Creation23-signed Colchester Trio Rubber Jaw are back with another slice of raw cut emotion you can freak out to.

Rubber Jaw are a name you might have heard floating around the East Anglian Music scene for some time now, having been around for the past 2 years, they have already found themselves playing with Pete Doherty and 2018 saw them sign with Alan McGee’s new venture, Creation23, a label celebrating guitar music and the vinyl revival. New single Freaking Out is the latest release on the label and boy are we happy about it.

Having only one other release under their belts, Rubber Jaw have already made a name for themselves with their own brand of indie-ballads, explosive choruses and eery synths. Freaking Out is no exception to this.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Feeling Funny, it too is packed with emotion wall to wall. Jumping between sections of droned synths and soft pianos to the crash of distorted guitars and whaling vocals backed with drum beats with enough groove to give ?uestlove a run for his money – its fair to say Freaking Out is a roller-coaster and I for one can’t wait to catch them live in order to scream the words back at them while I jump up and down and cry uncontrollably…

If the band continue to turn heads the way they are currently and with label backing from McGee himself, future years could see the band become the British version of Arcade Fire that we perhaps didn’t know we needed.

Written by Harry Dale

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