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Track Review: Stretch Soul Gang ft. Steven Bamidele – Ungrateful

Ungrateful is the latest release from Suffolk’s Kings of funk Stretch Soul Gang featuring the smooth voice of London-based artist Steven Bamidele. On this track, the Gang get their slow groove on and turn a new corner with their sound.

The flawless falsettos and intricate instrumentation are constant throughout Stretch Soul Gang’s discography, but on Ungrateful they intertwine to create a more chilled out sound compared to their previous releases, their influences of Anderson Paak and De La Soul really shine through on this second by second.

The group have built up a solid reputation around the area with their electrifying live shows, and with their studio material gaining the same level of hype it won’t be long until they get major attention from labels and festivals. This weekend notably the group are performing at the Boomtown Fair in Hampshire, a must-see for anyone attending.

Ungrateful is a great addition to their back catalogue, and is definitely one of their best tracks to date. Whatever is up their sleeve next is hotly anticipated with them being arguably one of the best local acts around.

STRETCH SOUL GANG will be playing The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 16th November with support from GABBY, A.N.G, IMPILO and SHADLEY HARRIS. For more information, check out the Washing Machine Facebook page.

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