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Fick As Fieves: Drift End review

The debut EP from trio Fick As Fieves is a collection of energetic, punchy indie rock tracks.

After releasing several tracks over the past two years including Insomnia and English Weather, the trio from Aldeburgh have finally released an EP which follows in the same vein as their previous singles.

The opening track COL has an early Arctic Monkeys/00s indie sound to it, as does the sharp and sweet Same Story which features some bloody awesome instrumentals.

Outstayed has more of a groove to it than any other tracks on the EP, arguably one of the best track FaF have ever released due to its tight instrumentals and at-times cheeky vocal delivery and lyrics, not forgetting a really chilled pace which makes Outstayed stand out even more.

The FaF formula of catchy hooks and fast-paced instrumentals is in full effect on Martha, whilst Grass Is Greener has the same effect, it shows off a more heavier, rampant side to the band that we haven’t seen before.

There’s no doubt that Fick As Fieves have produced one of the best EP’s of 2018 here. A debut EP, national radio play and lots of festival appearances this summer (BardFest and Homegrown to name just two) could send the trio on to bigger things. Watch this space.

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History & Lore: Lights review

Cambridge’s History & Lore are back with their wonderful new EP Lights.

Lights is a “culmination of four years of hard work and progression” and it’s clear that the band’s sound has massively evolved over this period of time.

2017 saw History & Lore release the awesome tracks When I’m Angry… and Turn, however these tracks seem a world away from the band’s sound now.

Black Eyes opens the EP with it’s chilled electronic beats at the start soon cascading into a whirlwind, anthemic sound towards the end of the track where we then start to see the real vigour of the band’s instrumentals.

The band have taken inspiration from the likes of Foals and Paramore which can really be heard in the EP’s title track Lights. The vocals here gives the whole song a real spark, contrasting against a very atmospheric, down-trodden instrumental.

Fairfax sees the EP take a lighter turn, a nice little indie-pop track with a really nice guitar riff that bounces throughout, but let’s not forget the lead vocals here which gives the track a more sweeter edgemaking this one of the best tracks the band have ever produced.

Similar to Black EyesTilikum shows off the strong male vocals that really brings this track to life whilst the guitars and drums erupts in to a sound that is so pleasing to hear, making this EP a definite must-listen.

Mightily-strong vocals and extraordinary instrumentals from History & Lore makes this one of the finest EP’s released so far this year.

Lights is OUT NOW, available on all major streaming platforms. 

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Tundra: Life’s A Beach review

An EP that has been teased for quite a long time has lived up to the hype, Tundra’s second EP Life’s A Beach is a defining moment for Sudbury’s loveable punk trio.

Having already had a mind-blowing start to 2018 with a surprise support slot with Yorkshire rockers Marmozets at Cambridge Junction in February, the band are about to make more waves in the local scene with these fun, memorable tracks.

Pink Eye kicks off the EP, which contains a laugh-out-loud skit relating to Charles Xavier of the X-Men, showing off the classic Tundra sound of thrashing drums and catchy lyrics and although the chorus is as simple as “We Don’t Care!” it’s as infectious as the chorus to Vacation (Cheer Up Chuck) from their debut EP Pretty Bird.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, with a track that just screams 00’s pop-punk in the shape of Walking Stick. Here we see a different side to guitarist Caitilin Pegley’s vocals which have more of a punch to them than what we’ve heard previously from the band, perfectly fitting in with the hard-hitting drums of Elliott Rodger-Brown and Elliot Booth’s sludgy bass lines which helps create an exhilarating sound not only on record but live too.


Credit: Burnt Out Media

Following on from the previous two tracks, the EP takes a more reflective turn with Swimming Shorts. If you were looking for that song for your summer playlists, then this is it. An utterly stunning six-minute long triumph which builds up with Booth and Pegley’s intriguing vocals into an absolutely barnstorming minute and a half worth of full-blooded instrumentals. If you haven’t heard this track, you’re truly missing out, easily a Track of the Year contender!

The fun and thrill of Life’s A Beach turns up several notches with the oddness of Strobe Lights And Loud Noises. Hectic instrumentals and the shoegaze-feel of Pegley’s vocals makes this, albeit a short one, a loveable and welcome track.

Get Lost marks the end of the EP. The track definitely has a very tight alternative-punk sound with Booth’s vocals here being one of my highlights oLife’s A Beach. At moments the track is very comparable to Loser from their debut EP, though this track has definitely shown how fast the band have matured and honed their creative abilities.

The EP also contains a live version of the band’s crowd-pleasing track Vacation (Cheer Up Chuck). This track caused a large stage invasion at the band’s headline show at the BurySOUND Grand Final in March, and the live version is something to be heard!

Life’s A Beach is a defining moment in Tundra’s already memorable history. BurySound winners, supporting Marmozets and now this thoroughly entertaining EP in the bag… Tundra are a band that needs to be heard right this very minute. With Life’s A Beach they’ve cemented themselves as one of the best bands in the East. Watch this space because if this is anything to go by, big things awaits…

Life’s A Beach is available on all streaming services. 

Recorded at Punch Studios.

Catch Tundra at the Bury Fringe All-Dayer on Saturday 5th May and at the Riverwalk Fundraiser on Saturday 16th June, both at The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds!

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Bessie Turner: 22:22 review

Bessie Turner proves why she is one of the most exciting new artists in the UK with her stunning debut EP 22:22, released on Don’t Try Records.

Hailing from Ipswich, Turner had an extraordinary 2017 after uploading debut single Big Sleep to BBC Introducing, her extraordinary talents have been broadcast on national radio, playing live sets for the likes of Jo Whiley and Steve Lamacq and amassing a several thousand streams on Spotify in the process.

Her debut EP has been eagerly anticipated and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. Opening with the sparse, calming instrumentals of Casa, the EP explodes into life with the alternative-rock of Words You Say with it’s infectious drum beats and Turner’s delicately perfect vocals really hitting home.

It’s hard to see past Abseil being her best song to date however, a really strong folk-pop track which captures the strong emotions Turner is trying to convey throughout her EP, emotions that are at the forefront of the jazz-influenced track In My Room which is about struggling with loneliness (proceeds from the single went to mental health charity MIND).

Big Sleep is also a firm favourite with Turner’s soothing vocals really lifting off accompanied with some driving folk instrumentals. Closing track Milky sees a raw side to the production, showing off beautiful harmonies and candid instrumentals that round out an EP that is going to be remembered for years to come.

If 2017 was anything to go by, 2018 is going to be massive for Bessie Turner. With support slots for the likes of Baxter Dury and The Libertines already pencilled in for the summer, Bessie Turner is most definitely a star in the making, and based on 22:22, she’s set to go very very far.

Bessie Turner plays The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 7th July with support from Enterlude and the Interesting Times Gang. Tickets available on the Washing Machine Facebook page!

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Sun Scream: Take It Easy review

The debut EP from psychedelic alt-rockers Sun Scream is a mind-blowing twelve minutes of dreamy instrumentals and powerful vocals.

It’s been a long time coming for new music from the band, having released two tracks in early 2017 which gained support from BBC Introducing and nationwide radio play on BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music.

Sun Scream also embarked on playing various shows around the South, with shows in London, Brighton and East Anglia, whilst recording their debut EP at Church Road Studios with Theo Varney in Brighton.

Extract was the first track released from their EP, a ferocious track with an ecstatic combination of thundering guitars and drums. The track was premiered on Steve Lamacq’s 6music show, and it’s clear to see why. Extract is a true statement of intent from the band. And that guitar riff throughout is just insanely good. Like, too good.

Instrumental track Marmalade is a gorgeous bubbling track which flows straight into the euphoria of Samsara, a slow-building track which starts off with lonely guitar chords but transgresses into an explosion of psychedelic sounds which fuses together to make this Sun Scream’s best track yet.

Take It Easy, the title track and fan-favourite, rounds off the EP. A much more gentle, toned down end to the EP compared to the other tracks, but still great in it’s own right. Instrumentally it’s beautiful, but the real winner here are the vocals from lead James Green, which really blends well with the mellow guitar riffs that makes this track a completely different beast.

2018 is looking to be the best year yet for the band, with a live date at The Hunter Club tomorrow night (7th April) supporting F.O.X, and also supporting Californian band Levitation Room in May. With more live dates coming and this belter of an EP, it’s safe to say Sun Scream are a band on the up.

Band Members:
Vocals/guitar – James Green
Bass – Tom Lawrence
Guitar – Emily Wallace
Drums/Synth – Jamie Robertson

Take It Easy, the new EP from Sun Scream is OUT NOW!

Links on how to listen to it are below:
Spotify –

Bandcamp –

iTunes –

Twitter: @SunScreamBand

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Deep City: 15:16 record review

Deep City’s unique brand of indie pop makes this EP one of our instant favourites of 2017.

A cooling presence on a marginally rock-dominated music scene  in East Anglia, Deep City’s fine talents in crafting mesmerisingly class indie pop tracks has gained many plaudits over the past few years.

The band this year won the 18 and Under Award at the NMG Awards, and it’s no surprise why after listening to 15:16.

The three tracks on this EP are some of the best tracks you’ll hear this year.

The lead track L.O.V.E is just outstanding, the multiple layers to the track’s production just oozes with creativity and maturity. The intricate guitar riffs really catches the ear and just makes the song as a whole just that extra bit better. There’s so much more I could say about the track, without a doubt one of my songs of the year.

The EP opener Time has a really cool summer vibe to it. Once again, the guitar riffs really shine on this track, especially during he instrumentals. They really blend with the other elements to the track and doesn’t detract away from the vocals.

The same can be said for Recognise Me, a track with a real smooth groove to it. First impressions led me to A Change of Heart by The 1975, and take that as a huge compliment, it’s an awesome track. Although slightly stripped back compared to the other two songs on the EP, here we see the vocals shine more, standing out against the wandering guitars. A welcome end to a class EP.

2018 is a big year for the band. BurySOUND awaits them on the 26th January for Heat 1, and they’re bound to follow up this EP with more music! A band you need to look out for!

Deep City play Heat 1 of BurySOUND @ The Hunter Club on 26th January!
Tickets £5! Be there and support local, live music!

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Suburban Minds: I’ll Exist Again When I Wake Up EP review

I’ll Exist Again When I Wake Up is the debut EP from Bury St Edmunds-based indie rockers Suburban Minds.

Having formed the group in 2015 after meeting at college, the band went on to win the town’s BurySound competition the following year and released several songs after their triumph, most notably the track I Wanna Feel, a classic indie singalong track with a fantastic chorus to boot.

The EP opens up with the electrifying White Things, which is without a doubt the best track on the EP. The band have clearly taken inspiration from some of the biggest names from the indie world, with their rip-roaring guitar melodies influenced by Antidotes-era Foals, and their anthemic choruses which have a hint of Kings of Leon’s more current music about it. This is most definitely one of my tracks of the year.

The vocal delivery on all tracks has a cocky swagger about it, making the tracks easily memorable and catchy, most prevalent in the track Addicted To A Daydream, like every track on the EP, is intelligently written highlighting the band’s great talents even more so.

The track Real Fears is a slow-building track, building up to a climaxing ending which was made for the mosh pits. A key feature of the track is most definitely the guitar riffs throughout, which complements the laid back vocals.

Little Miss Modest shows the band’s intelligence in crafting memorable tracks, you’d think Suburban Minds had been around for years after listening to this. A mammoth 26minutes 12 seconds long, the track opens with instantly memorable guitar riffs, though the whole instrumental on this track is insanely good. The hidden untitled-as-of-yet track at the end of Little Miss Modest is a sultry, guitar-led ballad which is so emotionally raw that it’s so perfect to round off such an energetic EP with it.

I’ll Exist When I Wake Up is an incredible debut from the band, who already have vast experience in performing and making such great tracks. Although the future looks uncertain with other commitments,  this EP proves that they are well on their way to big things. A real pleaser.


Best Tracks: White Things, Addicted to a Daydream

Suburban Minds are playing The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds this Saturday (22nd July). 7pm-11pm. Support from The Getaway, Mandeville and Sun Scream. Entry is only £5! 

Buy the EP now:
(also available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud)

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