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Track Review: Stretch Soul Gang ft. Steven Bamidele – Ungrateful

Ungrateful is the latest release from Suffolk’s Kings of funk Stretch Soul Gang featuring the smooth voice of London-based artist Steven Bamidele. On this track, the Gang get their slow groove on and turn a new corner with their sound.

The flawless falsettos and intricate instrumentation are constant throughout Stretch Soul Gang’s discography, but on Ungrateful they intertwine to create a more chilled out sound compared to their previous releases, their influences of Anderson Paak and De La Soul really shine through on this second by second.

The group have built up a solid reputation around the area with their electrifying live shows, and with their studio material gaining the same level of hype it won’t be long until they get major attention from labels and festivals. This weekend notably the group are performing at the Boomtown Fair in Hampshire, a must-see for anyone attending.

Ungrateful is a great addition to their back catalogue, and is definitely one of their best tracks to date. Whatever is up their sleeve next is hotly anticipated with them being arguably one of the best local acts around.

STRETCH SOUL GANG will be playing The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds on Saturday 16th November with support from GABBY, A.N.G, IMPILO and SHADLEY HARRIS. For more information, check out the Washing Machine Facebook page.

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Track Review: Tundra – You’re Welcome

Sudbury’s favourite surf-punk trio Tundra have turned a new chapter in their already hit-filled back catalogue with their new track You’re Welcome.

After the release of the Record Store Day-endorsed single Navy Red in April, the trio are back with another more mature and polished-sounding track to what we’ve heard before from the former BurySOUND winners.

The band have clearly spent time perfecting their songwriting skills over the past few months and it has paid off with some really great verses, and the instantly catchy ‘I Don’t Like You’ hook towards the end of the track which still stay in your head for the next month. This isn’t only their best track yet, this is easily one of the best local tracks released this year.

It’s exciting times for Tundra towards the end of the year with a return trip to Wales pencilled in as well as more headline shows around Suffolk. And if they keep up the good work maybe their dream of playing Latitude could become a reality.

You’re Welcome is available on all streaming platforms.

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Track Review: Tom Lumley & The Brave Liaison – Chardonnay

After a memorable start to the year already, Cambridgeshire-based frontman Tom Lumley is back with his awesome new single Chardonnay (via North Acre Records)

Chardonnay is the debut single from Lumley and his ever-present backing band ‘The Brave Liaison’. After touring with the band for a few years, the former singer-songwriter decided to make them a mainstay in his work as “their personality and performances have massively contributed to our popularity.”

The track is in the same vein as previous single Modern Age showcasing his instantly recognisable vocals over incredibly-tight guitar work and heavy riffs. This is a sound that the band have been developing over the past year and it is well and truly paying off.

As well as being an alternative-rock anthem, it’s also a stark warning to people about the dangers of alcoholism and depression. Lumley hopes this track is a reminder to people that anyone could be going through these problems, and it’s important to reach out to others going through similar issues.

To help promote the new single, the band have been touring up and down the country over the past week culminating in a sold-out hometown show and a trip to the Camden Monarch, alongside several festival appearances this summer including Tramlines.

Off the back of this and his past few singles, it seems like there is no stopping Tom Lumley and The Brave Liaison. The future looks bright…

Written by Marc Manning

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Track Review: The Extons – No Hope

Kings Lynn-based indie rock heroes The Extons returned to the fore in February with the phenomenally good No Hope.

Having flown off the radar with a brief hiatus, the band signalled their return with performances at last year’s NMG Awards and a packed Portland Arms show before the release of their latest hit.

No Hope is a conventional indie-rock track full to the brim of electrifying guitar riffs and chantable lyrics, with a chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on Radio X and Absolute.

The track is about the band’s life experiences and seemingly about their ‘no hope’ dating lives, but the lyrics are delivered with such passion and venom making the track a lot more relatable and even more moshable.

The band have a busy summer ahead writing new material and playing more shows around the UK which should be announced shortly.

For fans of Circa Waves and Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Extons are on the rise and with more music coming soon, there’s no doubt that by the end of the year they could be the next big thing out of East Anglia.

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Track Review: KeloDown – Breakin’ Off

KeloDown are a four piece classic rock band with a modern twist, hailing from the depths of the Suffolk countryside. I’ve had the privilege of playing alongside them at a few gigs and I can tell you first hand: these guys can seriously put on a show.

Their latest single Breakin’ Off is a blend of old school classic rock with a KeloDown twist, and a refreshing message: “Breakin’ Off is about breaking away from the mundane nature of everyday life, and the effect it has on a wayward soul. We hope the listener will recognise the everyday slog and shout f*** this s*** let’s get out of here.”.

This track was recorded locally at The Shrubbery studio in Bury St Edmunds, with the help of two student technicians Olly Chilvers and Charlie Grimwood. Breakin’ Off, to put it in technical terms is what professional musicians would refer as a “ f****** banger”.

Powerful vocals push this track forth, punchy rhythm section holds it down and the shredding guitar rips it all up again. This track is catchy, technically impressive and exciting all in equal measure.

KeloDown have told me they’re planning on new releases and have big plans for the coming year, so keep your eyes peeled for a show near you.

Written by James D’Alessandro

KeloDown are playing The 545 at The Apex, BSE on Friday 26th April alongside Underline The Sky, Salvador, Substation and The Daze. Tickets are available on The Apex website.

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Track Review: The Glitter Shop – Throwing Apples

The Glitter Shop are a grunge-pop band who first came to our ears in late 2017, and earlier this year they treated us to Throwing Apples, a really fun and energetic track.

Based in Bury St Edmunds, the band consists of Harry Dale (bass/vocals), Barny Cutter (guitar) and Ruby Smith (keys/vocals). The trio have created a sound not-too-similar to the likes of Sundara Karma.

On Throwing Apples, the combination of funky guitar melodies and edgy vocals full of fun, angsty lyrics makes this awesome DIY track a song that you really have to dance to.

The track is a shout at modern day issues, and its catchy chorus of “She’s getting away, she’s getting away now” not only shows off the band’s infectious energy, but it makes this the groovy tune that you’ve all been waiting for from them.

Written by Moe Noble

The Glitter Shop are playing this year’s Bury Fringe Festival All-Dayer at The Hunter Club, BSE on Saturday 4th May alongside Sink Ya Teeth, KYANOS and The Catch. Doors are at 1pm.

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Track Review: Rubber Jaw – Freaking Out

Creation23-signed Colchester Trio Rubber Jaw are back with another slice of raw cut emotion you can freak out to.

Rubber Jaw are a name you might have heard floating around the East Anglian Music scene for some time now, having been around for the past 2 years, they have already found themselves playing with Pete Doherty and 2018 saw them sign with Alan McGee’s new venture, Creation23, a label celebrating guitar music and the vinyl revival. New single Freaking Out is the latest release on the label and boy are we happy about it.

Having only one other release under their belts, Rubber Jaw have already made a name for themselves with their own brand of indie-ballads, explosive choruses and eery synths. Freaking Out is no exception to this.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Feeling Funny, it too is packed with emotion wall to wall. Jumping between sections of droned synths and soft pianos to the crash of distorted guitars and whaling vocals backed with drum beats with enough groove to give ?uestlove a run for his money – its fair to say Freaking Out is a roller-coaster and I for one can’t wait to catch them live in order to scream the words back at them while I jump up and down and cry uncontrollably…

If the band continue to turn heads the way they are currently and with label backing from McGee himself, future years could see the band become the British version of Arcade Fire that we perhaps didn’t know we needed.

Written by Harry Dale

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Track Review: Gaffa Tape Sandy – Headlights

After their jaw-droppingly outstanding performance at The Hunter Club on Saturday, Gaffa Tape Sandy triumphantly return with the anthemic Headlights and two exciting announcements.

Having performed at festivals around the UK and countries further afield like Iceland and Germany, the raucous trio from Bury St Edmunds are back with Headlights which marks the start of a new era for Kim, Catherine and Robin having just signed to indie label Alcopop! Records.

Headlights was released last Wednesday (20th March) and it’s already an instant classic which sticks to their well-oiled formula of playful dual vocals, intensely powerful riffs and catchy hooks. The band want the track to be “an open embrace to anyone who finds it hard to talk about their mental health”.

The track is the first offering off of the band’s upcoming EP which is set to be released in the summer, just in time for their festival appearances, and it’s an EP that is much anticipated and could be the catalyst for even more success.

Live Dates

Sat 5th April – Norwich Arms Centre (w/ HANK, Among The Citizens)
Sat 12th April – Washed Out Festival – Brighton
Thurs 25th April – The Amersham Arms – London
Sat 11th May – The Great Escape – Brighton
Fri 17th May – Top of the Alcopop – The Dome, London
Sat 15th June – in.die Festival – Germany
Sun 28th July – Truck Festival, Oxford

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Track Review: Influx of Insanity – Season of Mist

The all-conquering duo Influx of Insanity are back with the euphoric Season of Mist.

2018 has been a breakout year for duo Oli Brown and Dom Howard having won BurySOUND 2018 and the Cambridge Band Competition, as well as playing Homegrown Festival, various Junction Fiver nights and our first ever gig night at the Constitutional Club.

Season of Mist is the lead track from their upcoming EP, which follows on from their unique brand of progressive rock which has wowed audiences around the region.

The atmospheric guitar riffs and the intense, hammering vocals on the track makes this a profound listening experience which heightens especially at the tracks chorus where everything cascades into an astonishing wall of noise.

Influx of Insanity are on to a winner with this track, and with the EP release imminent, it’s clear that not only are they here for the long haul, but they’re the most exciting young band in the area.

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Best Of The Rest: The Releases We’ve Missed

It’s been a busy summer for us at The Music Blog 42, and we’ve missed a lot of new music! So here’s our condensed look at some of our favourite tracks of the summer!

Among The Citizens – Words Mean Nothing
After the release of Mess In The Head in May and several gigs, one of the hottest talents in the area Among The Citizens returned in late June with the indie-pop blockbuster Words Mean Nothing. With some funky instrumentals and in-your-face vocals, the band have proven why they are tipped for big things. This is easily one of our favourite tracks of this year.

BAILEY – Change
Change, the new single from ‘elevating-pop’ soloist BAILEY, is a great feel-good track with lyrics that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks. His debut single The Future was an instantly likeable number, and with Change he connects with his fans in producing a track with honest and relatable lyrics, leaving us wanting even more new music. And believe me, more new singles are on its way.

Franko Fraize (ft. Tone) – Let It Out
If you were on the lookout for a track perfect for your summer playlists, then Franko Fraize’s new track is just the one for you. Let It Out is the first release from Franko since 2017’s Side By Side, and this new track is just as good. The UK House-style instrumentals hook up well with Franko’s rapid rap verses and Tone’s chilled vocals. An EP is on its way towards the end of the year!

Anthony Rubery – Your Side
Another artist who released an awesome summer track is Cambridgeshire’s Anthony Rubery, with Your Side showing off a unique marimba-pop sound. This is arguably one of his best tracks with his sleek vocals really shining through on a track which stands out against Cambridge’s rock-heavy scene. 2018 has been a breakout year for Rubery, and more is still to come.

War Waves – Sleep
The comeback single from War Waves is a heavily emotive track with soul-bearing lyrics and a sense of maturity from a band who are at the top of their game. Their new EP Be Well is out towards the end of the year, and Sleep is a track that signals War Waves are going to be one of the most talked about bands of 2019. After their last two albums, we are expecting big things.

The Fifths – Chance It
After months of gigging and recording, The Fifths finally released their debut single in mid-July called Chance It. The track is a really bold statement from the band who have been making aname for themselves from their high-energy live shows and radio appearances on HCR FM and Cambridge 105. And with a new track set to be released in the coming weeks, The Fifths are set for a great end to the year.

 On SATURDAY 18TH AUGUST, we are holding our first gig night at The Constitutional Club with psych-rockers Sun Scream headlining, with support from BurySOUND winners Influx of Insanity, loud rock duo KULK and Cambridge’s hottest prospects God Hates Astronauts! Music starts from 7pm, £5 on the door!