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Track Review: Tom Lumley – Crawling

One of Cambridge’s finest indie talents Tom Lumley is back with an almighty bang with his snarling new track Crawling.

With the track being teased for an imminent release during his Homegrown Festival set last month, Lumley surprisingly released Crawling last Friday (29th June) ahead of his homecoming show in Cambridge the same night.

The track is a whole lot different to anything that he has released so far, when comparing it to his 2017 debut EP Dream City and recent singles Just Like The Light and Skyhigh.

Crawling has an indie rock edge to it, a change in pace to his previous works, which sees Lumley’s vocals become a lot more rapid and impassioned, alongside instrumentals that pack a humongous punch.

His last release Skyhigh was a dreamy indie-pop summer banger, but with Crawling we see a more rebellious side to Lumley. Without a doubt, this is Tom Lumley at his best.

Catch Tom and his band at Truck Festival next weekend, or at The Apex on 31st August.

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Track Review: Gaffa Tape Sandy – Meat Head

Bury St Edmunds trio Gaffa Tape Sandy deliver a track with an important message wrapped up in their passionate brand of garage rock in Meat Head.

Ahead of a busy summer festival schedule which sees Kim, Catherine and Robin take in sets at Latitude, Truck and dates abroad in Germany and Iceland, the trio have released Meat Head which is aimed towards “reckless attitudes that exacerbate rape culture”.

Meat Head is an instant hit starting off with the pounding instrumentals which soon grows into their usual fun, raucous style. In a change to usual proceedings, Catherine takes centre stage with a powerful vocal performance, which is complimented in the chorus by Kim’s vicious howls making the listening experience an enjoyable and thoughtful one.

There’s no doubt that this is one of Gaffa Tape Sandy’s catchiest tracks to date and already aligns well with tracks like Pink Neck/Train Wreck and the frantic Beehive in their outstanding live performances.

Having featured in NME’S Essential 100 for 2018 and various dates up and down the UK this summer, there’s no stopping the musical juggernaut that are Gaffa Tape Sandy, a band who are well and truly showing their potential. And Meat Head proves it.

Live dates:

07 July – Waldstock Festival, Germany

15 July – Latitude Festival

21 July – Truck Festival

28 July – Y Not Festival

11 Aug – River Town Festival, St Ives

15 Sept – Subterranean Festival, Cambridge

08-10 Nov – Iceland Airwaves

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Track Review: The Glitter Shop – Moon

The Glitter Shop are well and truly back in business with the release of their third single Moon.

The release of new music comes off the back of their well-received debut Fizz in 2017, and the soothing Sleep, but with Moon we hear a completely different side to the band who prove time and time again why they are one of the most talked-about bands in the region.

The track is a slow burner, starting off with isolated piano chords and frontman Harry Dale’s vulnerable vocals, which slowly transcends into a raucous barrage of guitar riffs, bass licks and pleasant backing vocals, an addictive ending which makes you instantly want a whole lot more.

The band have recently supported upcoming Brighton band THYLA, and have played in various other venues around the region, honing their live performances which includes all of the tracks that they’ve released thus far.

When it comes to our Track of the Year list towards the end of the year, you’ll be sure to see Moon towards the top… an inspiring track which really hits home.

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Track Review: Polly Haynes – Pulling Me Backwards

After releasing debut single I’m Fine at the end of March, Essex’s Polly Haynes is back with the release of her new track Pulling Me Backwards.

Pulling Me Backwards was released last Friday (11th May) rather unexpectedly, and it’s fair to say that the track has a different sound to her debut single.

What we loved about I’m Fine were the powerful vocals and the jazz-influenced instrumentals which gave the song a slow-burning, enticing feel to it, and the new single has a similar vibe.

There’s no doubt that Pulling Me Backwards has more of an uplifting sound, helped by the noticeably funky instrumentals and the softly delivered vocals by Haynes. Though the chorus is as simple as four words, it’s definitely one that will be stuck in your head for days.

With an EP coming in the near future, there’s no doubt we want to hear more of this jazzy-soul sound that Haynes and her backing band have been working on. These two tracks have definitely made an impression on the local scene, and it’s exciting to hear what else is in store.

A music video has been produced for the track, we’ll post a link up on our social media accounts once it’s uploaded!

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Best Of The Rest – Part 1

It’s safe to say that these past few months have been slightly busy with reviews of the latest tracks and EPs from around the region, and a fair few releases have slipped through the net! So here is a brand new feature giving you a round-up of all the music we haven’t reviewed over the past few months…

Heathen – Bite The Bullet
After releasing debut single Eye In The Sky, which is still in the Cambridge 105 Unsigned Chart, Heathen released their full-length EP at the start of May. The band have used influences from the material they cover during their live sets to produce a great hard rock EP with some catchy tracks like Jaywalker and Two Wrongs. Heathen headline Homegrown Festival on Friday 8th June.

Noah Evans – See It Through
It’s fair to say that the local acoustic scene is really thriving at the moment after the recent brilliant Bury Songwriters Competition, and this great track from young star Noah Evans is proof that it is! A real feel good track with some great instrumentals and Noah’s smooth vocals makes this one of our songs of the year. Being only 13, it’s exciting to see what’s to come for Noah over the coming few years.

Asbestos – Monochrome
Bringing back the classic 90’s/00’s pop-punk sounds of Green Day and Blink-182, Asbestos  have produced a fun EP with memorable vocals and thrashing instrumentals that will be stuck in your head for weeks on end, the best track on here is easily the glorious Liar Liar. The band have already got a fair amount of gigs under their belt and have several coming up, go see them if you’re in the Cambridgeshire area.

Melody Causton – Another Voice
A soothing presence on a guitar-heavy music scene, Melody Causton’s Another Voice is a beautiful acoustic-folk number which is most definitely her best release to date. With fresh-sounding instrumentals and Causton’s sweet, rich vocals combining to make a track that is a delight to listen to. Melody has a few live dates coming up, so go to her social media accounts for more info!

In My Disguise – Alone With You
There’s some awesome rock music coming out of Ipswich at the moment, and In My Disguise’s second EP epitomises that. Clarity shows off a gentler side to the band before launching into the Royal Blood-influenced riffs of Sovereign and Inside Out, the title track is what you really need to hear though, a six-minute rock rampage that proves that this EP is one of the best releases this year.

The Music Blog 42 focuses primarily on local music from the East Anglia region. If you want to send in your solo/band’s music to be considered for review or a playlist feature, then send it to!

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Track Review: TheState – The Resistance

Everyone’s favourite industrial rock duo TheState are back with an almighty bang with The Resistance.

Having released the triumphant Ministry of Truth a year ago today (1st May), the duo are back with The Resistance, a five-minute long heart-racing masterpiece which explores themes of political complacency and ignorance.

TheState have also produced a music video to accompany the track, a spine-tingling epic in the form of a ‘found-footage’ horror film. The track’s roaring guitar riffs from Will Goodey and vocalist Andy Guy’s trademark powerful vocals makes The Resistance an intense listening and visual experience.

With Goodey having only joined the band less than a year ago, this was the first time that he has been involved in the writing process for a track. A new album, co-written by the band, is being mooted for release at the end of the year so keep an eye out for details on their social media accounts!

Watch the new music video for The Resistance by clicking here!

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Track Review: Enterlude – British Dream

If you were looking for a fresh new indie-pop band capable of writing absolutely huge tracks then Enterlude are the band for you.

After releasing debut single Hurt Yourself only a few weeks ago, which has a tinge of Kasabian mixed in with 80’s synth-pop, the band are unexpectedly back with the bloody awesome British Dream.

British Dream starts off with with a simple drum rhythm which then explodes into jittery guitar riffs and insanely good synths which pulsate throughout the track, combining well with the confidently-delivered lead vocals that will be stuck in your head for the next few days or even weeks!

The track is already one of our favourites of the year so far, and with various live dates coming up around Bury St Edmunds over the next few months, Enterlude can only get bigger from here on in.

Let’s hope they release another track as soon as possible!

British Dream is out now on all platforms.

Catch Enterlude at the Bury Fringe All Dayer on Saturday 5th May at The Hunter Club, their set time is 3:30!

They are also supporting the magnificent Bessie Turner on Saturday 7th July at the same venue!

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Track Review: The Baskervilles – Blood In My Mouth

If you’re a fan of full-blooded indie rock, then you’ll absolutely love Blood In My Mouth from Suffolk’s The Baskervilles.

Hailing from Ipswich, the five-piece rockers have been working in the studio for the past two years with award-winning producer Tom Donovan resulting in the absolutely massive 2017 track Kalashnikov and the bloody brilliant Blood In My Mouth released only on Friday (27th April).

Blood In My Mouth definitely has more of a commercial sound than their previous releases however this doesn’t take away from the raw energy that makes this track one of the most exciting releases of 2018.

The Baskervilles themselves said that the track is for “anyone who has lost the one they love and is forced to relive the mistakes they’ve made”.  The emotions of the track are driven by the swaggering vocals from frontman James Betts, which heavily compliments the juggernaut of a guitar riff which comes to the fore in the chorus.

The band have confirmed that they’ll be touring the UK in June, not before a co-headline appearance on the Rock Against Racism stage at the Bury Fringe Festival All-Dayer on Saturday 5th May. Keep an eye out for tour dates when they’re announced!

Blood In My Mouth is available on all platforms.

For all links to their social media, go to

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Track Review: The Catch – Sort It Out

In what is their second track release of 2018, The Catch prove why they are one of the most talked about bands in Bury St Edmunds with Sort It Out.

Sort It Out is slightly different to the track that they released in February, in the sense that Tie Dye was a huge indie rock banger, but the former has it’s own merits and shows the band’s versatility at writing great tracks in whatever style.

On first listen, you get a feel of their Bring Me The Horizon and Lower Than Atlantis influences with the hard guitar riffs which roam throughout the track, as well as the shared vocals of drummer Adam Levey and guitarist Eddie Allen giving the track a rougher edge to previous tracks that they’ve released before.

The Catch are playing various live dates over the coming months with shows at The Hunter Club, Cambridge Junction and Conservatoire East @ West Suffolk College. All the information is on their Facebook page, go check them out. They are a band you need to see live.

Sort It Out is a welcome addition to The Catch’s rapidly growing discography and with the band still relatively new to the scene in Bury St Edmunds, they are without a doubt a trio to keep an eye out for.

NOW LISTEN TO: 03. EP – their debut EP is their best work to date!

Sort It Out was released Friday 20th April on all major streaming platforms. 

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Vinyl Review: You Flexi Thing Vol.4 (RSD 18)

Loved by Record Store Day goers and local music fans, R*E*P*E*A*T Records have announced the fourth instalment to their You Flexi Thing catalogue, titled Look Sharp, with tracks from loveable trios Gaffa Tape Sandy and Goldblume.

Gaffa Tape Sandy’s Smart Dressed Guy, their debut single released in 2016, sums up their reputable style perfectly: frantic, energetic and exhilarating. Described by the NME as “giddily frantic, high-octane hyper rock ‘n’ roll”, the trio from Bury St Edmunds will be tearing up festival stages across the country this summer.

Cambridge’s Goldblume treat us to a sneak peak to material from their upcoming untitled debut album with the track Razor, a great rock track which shows so much promise and makes the album so hotly anticipated. They too have festival dates over the summer so go check them out!

Look Sharp: You Flexi Thing Vol 4 will be available from participating indie record stores, with remaining copies available from the R*E*P*E*A*T Bandcamp and from the bands at gigs.

Gaffa Tape Sandy
SAT 21 APRIL (evening) The Smokehouse Ipswich UK
SAT 5 MAY Live At Leeds 2018 Leeds UK
SAT 5 MAY Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival All-Dayer 2018 Bury St Edmunds
SUN 6 MAY Sound City Festival 2018 Liverpool
THU 17 MAY – SAT 19 MAY The Great Escape 2018 Brighton
FRI 29 JUNE WOW Festival 2018 Burston
SAT 21 JULY – Truck Festival 2018 Derby

SAT 21ST APRIL Relevant Records, Cambridge UK – Exclusive Free Acoustic Record Store Day Show 5pm
SAT 21ST APRIL (evening) – Blue Moon Cambridge UK
SAT 5TH MAY – Bury St Edmunds Fringe Festival All-Dayer Bury St Edmunds UK
SUN 6TH MAY – Green Man Beer and Music Festival, Cambridge UK
SAT 2ND JUNE – Love Music Hate Racism Stage, Strawberry Fair, Cambridge UK

Both bands are playing sets at Vinyl Hunter, St John’s Street, Bury St Edmunds from 1pm on Saturday 21st April!