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EP Review: Salvador – Salvador

Framlingham-based indie band Salvador have just recently released their self-titled debut EP, consisting of five great tracks.

Ordinary Love opens the EP and just three seconds in, the vocals set the mood of the song making it instantly feel indie. The tightness of the instrumentals shows the bond of the band and the strength of emotion is shown almost immediately. Low bass tones and fun guitar riffs made me listen for more. The lead vocals seem effortless, he has a way of authentically telling a story in his songs which is fresh to see from such a young and new band. Although the song isn’t fast, it is heartfelt. The shifts in tone creates for a more uplifting chorus, leading into the guitar and drums to progress and build on the emotion of the song. I was captivated throughout, and it’s easily my favourite song on the EP.

Slow Down starts with pretty and slow guitar riffs and then vocals and drums join. It is easy to listen to, with lower mood and tone and a calm aura surrounding it, a small contrast from the first track.

The vocals in Gum Disease are the main focus for the first 30 seconds and then the slow guitar melody and subtle drums join, this song is more angsty than the others, making it both beautiful and sad.

Pink leads in with bright guitar tones and rhythmic drums, leading into awesome vocals. Synths make this track more upbeat, amongst troubled lyrics. The one-line then a drum beat midway, makes the song more intense. There is a short, funky guitar interlude which livens up the track, leading into a repeated chorus, making the track a catch.

Fever, the last track on the EP, opens with picked riff giving off Sam Fender vibes. The vocals are lower in tone and slower. Fever has a message about broken relationships and is lower in mood to finish the EP off. The drumming on this track emphasis the passion and pain in the vocals, with a guitar melody playing throughout.

The whole EP is Indie fuelled emotion, with moody instrumentals and passion. I loved it.

Written by Moe Noble.

Salvador play The 545 at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds on Friday 26th April at 6pm alongside Underline The Sky, KeloDown, Substation and The Daze. Tickets are available on The Apex website.

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Track Review: The Extons – No Hope

Kings Lynn-based indie rock heroes The Extons returned to the fore in February with the phenomenally good No Hope.

Having flown off the radar with a brief hiatus, the band signalled their return with performances at last year’s NMG Awards and a packed Portland Arms show before the release of their latest hit.

No Hope is a conventional indie-rock track full to the brim of electrifying guitar riffs and chantable lyrics, with a chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on Radio X and Absolute.

The track is about the band’s life experiences and seemingly about their ‘no hope’ dating lives, but the lyrics are delivered with such passion and venom making the track a lot more relatable and even more moshable.

The band have a busy summer ahead writing new material and playing more shows around the UK which should be announced shortly.

For fans of Circa Waves and Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Extons are on the rise and with more music coming soon, there’s no doubt that by the end of the year they could be the next big thing out of East Anglia.

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EP Review: The Catch – How It Seems

One of the best indie bands in the area, The Catch are currently making a name for themselves with their ferocious live performances and awesome track releases. With their new EP How It Seems, they certainly don’t disappoint.

The EP follows on from the release of their two recent singles Tie Dye and Sort It Out which have both shaped the sound of their new work. The trio’s sound has really grown over the past year with more emphasis placed on heavy guitar riffs which are prominent in the opening single Hindsight which also features their trademark catchy chorus.

Drop The Act follows directly on from Hindsight, and it’s more of the same. An awesome indie rock track that instantly pulls you in with incredibly tight instrumentals to open the track and arguably some of the band’s best lyrics to date. The drop towards the end of the track is unexpected but it could be a real crowd pleaser at the live shows.

The title track How It Seems is a track which shows The Catch in a different light with a more gentle approach to their instrumentals and an emotional vocal performance. How It Seems is needed to differentiate from the powerful rock from before, though the second half of the track is the part of the song.

Recently released as a teaser single, Know You Won’t Try finishes the EP off with a bang. Their Bring Me The Horizon and Biffy Clyro influences really shine through on this track with even more intensely sharp guitar riffs and instrumentals.

These four tracks from the trio signals a change in their musical direction. More riffs, a heavier sound and honest lyrics are just three of the reasons why The Catch are one of the best local bands around. This EP is an essential listen.

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Track Review: Tom Lumley – Crawling

One of Cambridge’s finest indie talents Tom Lumley is back with an almighty bang with his snarling new track Crawling.

With the track being teased for an imminent release during his Homegrown Festival set last month, Lumley surprisingly released Crawling last Friday (29th June) ahead of his homecoming show in Cambridge the same night.

The track is a whole lot different to anything that he has released so far, when comparing it to his 2017 debut EP Dream City and recent singles Just Like The Light and Skyhigh.

Crawling has an indie rock edge to it, a change in pace to his previous works, which sees Lumley’s vocals become a lot more rapid and impassioned, alongside instrumentals that pack a humongous punch.

His last release Skyhigh was a dreamy indie-pop summer banger, but with Crawling we see a more rebellious side to Lumley. Without a doubt, this is Tom Lumley at his best.

Catch Tom and his band at Truck Festival next weekend, or at The Apex on 31st August.

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Fick As Fieves: Drift End review

The debut EP from trio Fick As Fieves is a collection of energetic, punchy indie rock tracks.

After releasing several tracks over the past two years including Insomnia and English Weather, the trio from Aldeburgh have finally released an EP which follows in the same vein as their previous singles.

The opening track COL has an early Arctic Monkeys/00s indie sound to it, as does the sharp and sweet Same Story which features some bloody awesome instrumentals.

Outstayed has more of a groove to it than any other tracks on the EP, arguably one of the best track FaF have ever released due to its tight instrumentals and at-times cheeky vocal delivery and lyrics, not forgetting a really chilled pace which makes Outstayed stand out even more.

The FaF formula of catchy hooks and fast-paced instrumentals is in full effect on Martha, whilst Grass Is Greener has the same effect, it shows off a more heavier, rampant side to the band that we haven’t seen before.

There’s no doubt that Fick As Fieves have produced one of the best EP’s of 2018 here. A debut EP, national radio play and lots of festival appearances this summer (BardFest and Homegrown to name just two) could send the trio on to bigger things. Watch this space.

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Track Review: The Catch – Sort It Out

In what is their second track release of 2018, The Catch prove why they are one of the most talked about bands in Bury St Edmunds with Sort It Out.

Sort It Out is slightly different to the track that they released in February, in the sense that Tie Dye was a huge indie rock banger, but the former has it’s own merits and shows the band’s versatility at writing great tracks in whatever style.

On first listen, you get a feel of their Bring Me The Horizon and Lower Than Atlantis influences with the hard guitar riffs which roam throughout the track, as well as the shared vocals of drummer Adam Levey and guitarist Eddie Allen giving the track a rougher edge to previous tracks that they’ve released before.

The Catch are playing various live dates over the coming months with shows at The Hunter Club, Cambridge Junction and Conservatoire East @ West Suffolk College. All the information is on their Facebook page, go check them out. They are a band you need to see live.

Sort It Out is a welcome addition to The Catch’s rapidly growing discography and with the band still relatively new to the scene in Bury St Edmunds, they are without a doubt a trio to keep an eye out for.

NOW LISTEN TO: 03. EP – their debut EP is their best work to date!

Sort It Out was released Friday 20th April on all major streaming platforms. 

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TMB42 Spotlight: Sunday Arches

Sunday Arches are our focus in this month’s Spotlight, and you’re going to love them!

It’s an interesting tale how the band formed. Having been friends since school in Colchester and playing music together through their teenage years, the four band members met up under a South London railway arch a decade later (presumably on a Sunday) and set about writing and producing new music!

The start of 2018 saw them release their second EP Feels Like Home which is just honestly superb and will get you hooked from the first listen. Each song is great in it’s own right, Holding A Flame is an exuberant thrasher of a track whereas Watch The Thinker is a track that builds up gently in to an awesome guitar solo.

The title track Feels Like Home was played twice on BBC 6 Music in mid-February, the band cite this as a notable moment for themselves, as well as playing a show at the O2 Academy2 Islington in 2017.

It’s hard to pin-point what the main influences are for the band, sometimes they dig into really gritty rock which is seen in their latest EP, but also tend to go for a more indie-rock  sound like in We Never Were. Frontman Sam Juner said “Our focus is largely on melody and energy… we are into a broad spectrum of music”

Their first EP Extended Play sees the band in a different light, combining rock elements seen in their recent music with more melodic tones added in to give tracks like Gentlewomen and Crocodile that extra bit of brilliance.

So what next for the band? Well, they’re currently working on more new music and are looking for summer shows to play. (Any promoters out there, book these lads!)

After asking him where you see the band in the next few years, Juner had this to say to us:

“We’ve been active now for about a year, played some great shows and released 2 EP’s.  It’s gathering momentum, moving in the direction we want it to and it’s so much fun.
We want to push the songs out there as much as possible, record more and more ambitious material and stay active in the live scene.  As long as we’re enjoying what we’re doing and people are liking the songs, we’re happy.”


Alternatively, type in ‘Sunday Arches’ on Spotify


Band Members:
Sam Juner – Vocals/Guitar/Lyrics
Ben Springett – Drums
Michael Burley – Guitar
Dom Juner – Bass

Facebook/Twitter: @sundayarches





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Dingus Khan @ The Hunter Club, Bury St Edmunds

Another Saturday, another Washing Machine at The Hunter Club, and tonight was the long-anticipated live return from Manningtree’s finest Dingus Khan.

Before the main event, four excellent bands entertained the ever-growing crowd.

Colchester’s Nothing. Existed. were up next, however due to transport issues and miscellanous reasons, I unfortunately missed their set apart from their last track. A very different sound to what I and many others have heard at a Washing Machine gig, but ultimately a very fresh and great way to open what was bound to be a superb night of live music. These are definitely a group you need to see to believe, and I for one will definitely go and see these again.

Ugly delighted crowds with their cheeky brand of alternative-indie. The overwhelming highlight of their riff-packed set was the superbly-named The Last Supper At The Regal Wetherspoons, a song dedicated to Cambridge’s Wetherspoons and ‘how atrocious it is’, I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. But anyway, a great set from a band who haven’t performed in Bury for a long long time, and hopefully they’ll be back sooner this time.

Another band who haven’t perfomed at The Hunter Club for quite a while are the incredible Kyanos. They stunned the packed-out venue with their psychedelic sounds. They played tracks from their recently released EP Elevator To Japan, alongside another yet-to-be-released new track So High, which sounds so so good and could easily be their best song yet. A big set from one of the rising talents on the Bury music scene.

Sun Scream, another Bury band, warmed up the crowd with their superb psychedelic alternative rock. The four-piece band ploughed their way through several tracks that sounded incredible, with honourable mentions to their most-loved tracks She and then the set-closer, the thumping Sun Scream which is such a beautifully loud number. The band also teased new music, which as ever, sounds absolutely awesome. Hopefully a headline set is coming soon…

The roaring Dingus Khan closed proceedings with their anthemic headline set and my god, it’s been a long time coming, hasn’t it? Having been away for a few years, they sounded better than ever belting out their most popular tracks like Ambulance and Plank, with some stunning dance moves to boot. Milk From Every Mammal as ever sounds even better live than on the studio version. The band unfortunately weren’t allowed to use their ever-present giant inflatable swan, however that didn’t detract from their epic hour-long set. Another great track Knifey Spoony was ultimately the highlight from such a great set.

Dingus Khan are well and truly back, and with their new album out in two weeks (they said that their album was delayed because of the new £1 and £5 currency change!), it’s getting better and better for the band.

Please remember to ignore the giant swan in the corner.

Nothing. Existed.’s SoundCloud
Ugly’s SoundCloud
Kyanos SoundCloud
Sun Scream’s SoundCloud
Dingus Khan’s SoundCloud

The next Washing Machine is Saturday 4th November! Featuring the first headline set from SIAH, and the last ever gig from The Virtues!